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Why Insurance Live Transfer Leads Will Rock Your World

Posted by Taylor Edwards on Jan 04, 2018


With only a 1-3% success rate, traditional cold calling methods are time consuming, and inefficient. However, a sales team's conversion rate doesn't have to be that low. Using a skilled partner organization that can handle live transfers, the sales success rate of any insurance organization can be as high as 10-15%. Wondering how this is possible? With live transfers, the sales team only has to focus on the most important element of their job - actually making the sale.

Not sure what live transfer is or want to know more about live transfers and how they work? Click here. 


Here is an example of how a live transfer might work for an insurance company:

1. A potential customer starts their journey searching for an insurance company online, where they look for answers to their questions, research different companies and agents, and different policies that might fit their needs. 

2. The customer narrows down their search and submits their information online to get and compare quotes from different companies and agents.

3. The customer is called by the partner organization to verify their information, and screened on their interest level. If interested enough, more information can be immediately provided about the product or service they are interested in.

4. Once the lead is considered "hot" enough, they are transferred over to a sales agent. 

This lead qualification process helps to screen prospects by gauging their interest level, discovering which products and services they are most interested in , and if they are "hot" enough of a lead to be passed on to sales. 


Get it while its hot

One of the challenges of traditional lead qualification is keeping up with the leads while they are still warm. If just the sales team is following up on them, often, by the time they are reached they have gone "cold". In other words, they have either changed their mind, chosen another prospect, or are no longer interested in talking. 

With live transfer leads, prospects are immediately transferred to your sales team while they are still hot, so no sales are missed. 

Guaranteed interest and contact for the sales team

Sending prospects who are ready to speak to the sales team guarantees the sales team will have someone to speak to on the other end of the line, rather than chasing down prospects over the phone or email. 

Frees up time for sales

With live transfers, the sales team will no longer have to filter through individuals who don't qualify or reach out to each individual lead and they can just focus on the sale. 

More business

Partnering with a highly skilled contact center that is able to provide live transfer insurance leads could help you grow your business, especially since live transfer phone leads close at such a high rate (10-15%). 


Anomaly Squared is a domestically based contact center that offers live transfer services. Have any questions? Feel free to contact us about our services. Scroll down below for our contact information, or click the contact tab in the navigation bar. We look forward to hearing from you!

Insurance Call Center Outsourcing may be the answer to helping your company grow.



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