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Customer Service Experience: Does Customer Service Matter?

Posted by Rob Bayer on Mar 14, 2023

Customer Service Experience | Anomaly Squared

The most impressive characteristic I have observed since Covid hit us in 2020, was our country's ability to adapt and overcome. Sure, the political landscape had intensified but in the face of adversity, America’s business leaders found a way to navigate unchartered waters, pivot, and flourish.

Collectively, we now face additional challenges, increased wages and lower margins have forced us to turn over every rock.

Where does that leave Customer Service?

What we did learn over the past three years is that when we are in a crunch, one of the first items that take a hit, is good customer service experience! Most likely, it starts with the staffing whose primary responsibility is to maintain high standards of customer care. These are tough decisions; they are not easy for anyone who is faced with such a difficult task.

But there is hope, there are options to consider. Top-of-the-line customer service is not just a “Cost”. If done correctly, it can generate additional revenue and retain valuable customers. Let’s review a few ways companies can generate revenue through a five-star customer service experience.

Can outsourcing keep your customers happier?

1. CLV: Customers' Lifetime Value: CLV represents the revenue generated over the customer's lifetime. Positive experiences mean customers return, increase their spending, and refer others to your brand!!

2. Employee Retention: I have been in the Contact Center space for nearly 30 years, many of which were on the front lines. It's very easy to forget the challenge of being a Contact Center Agent. It can be exhausting. Add to that, unhappy customers, and watch your attrition rates soar!! Replacing customers is hard enough, now we add in the costs of recruiting and training new employees!

3. A Competitive Advantage: While others cut, investing in customer service gives you a competitive advantage.

We want to encourage all businesses to keep Customer Service at the top of our minds and of course, we are here to help to improve customer service when needed. Our goal at Anomaly Squared is to “Win Together”. We help some of the country's largest companies thrive in a tough economy. Check out a few of our videos below that demonstrate how we can help you achieve that five-star customer service experience.


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