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Customer Service Outsourcing: Improve Your Companies' Customer Service

Posted by Taylor Edwards on Jan 17, 2018


Admit it, you hate being put on hold, and all those automated messages that prompt you to "press 2 for more information." You just want to talk to someone. An actual human being, not another one of those prompted robotic voices. In a time when automation runs rampant, by the time a customer actually gets the chance to speak to an agent, they have already been on the phone for some time. This is why first place, shoot for the moon kind of excellent customer service is so important.  A good call center can easily supply that for your company. Here are some ways that a call center can help exceed customer service expectations:


Call centers have an excellent capacity to handle any number of calls, at any time of the day. In-house call centers are often limited to offering customer service calls only during normal operation hours, and may have to put multiple calls on hold to deal with high call volume. But that is severely limiting. 

First of all, being put on hold is no fun. Especially for a longer length of time. Not having enough people to handle several calls at once can instantly throw your company into the "bad customer service" category, for those who aren't patient enough to wait through the call hold time. 

Secondly, what happens to people who work odd hours, or have kids, or own their own business and don't have a lot of time on their hands? If your company is only available from 9-5, it may be difficult for them to find a time to call.

Call centers take both of these problems off the table. It allows customers to call whenever they want, without having to deal with long hold times. 


Did you  know that 83% of U.S. customers prefer to deal with humans rather than automated systems? Although it may be appealing for companies to utilize automated systems to mitigate call overflow, there is something about human contact that automation just can't beat.

Call center representatives have the ability to provide and show empathy, build relationships, and be creative. They take chances, make mistakes and because of this they are able to learn to provide better customer service. Automated systems are not able to provide any of that. 


Secretaries and personal assistants are great. They can do everything you need them to do. They can answer emails, prepare mailers, speak with vendors, order office equipment, and even handle phone calls. But this leaves you with multiple dilemmas. Your secretary may not always to be able to reach the phone each time it rings, and they aren't trained in how to handle difficult customers.

It might just be easier to leave your secretary or personal assistant to do what they are trained to do, and let them handle office management. Passing off your customer customer service calls to a call center isn't a bad idea. Call center representatives are trained specifically in phone etiquette, addressing difficult customers, building customer relationships and they understand the importance of being able to represent your brand. 


Want to erase your customer service woes? Call centers can do that for you. You'll no longer have to worry about having to put your customers on hold when there are too many incoming calls, having to use automation, not being able to take calls outside of operating hours, or ensure that calls are handled properly. Call centers even have a built-in Quality Assurance team that makes sure high standards of customer service are met during every call. So whether your concern is insurance customer service, mortgage, or even another vertical, considering customer service outsourcing is an important step towards growth.

Click here to find out about what kinds of services call centers can offer you. 

Call Center Outsourcing Flowchart to help you make a decision


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